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In a magic scenario, the immigrant couple
Horácio and Maria established itself in the Municipal Market of Sao Paulo, a place that preserves a singular mixture of architecture, aromas, and flavors since its inauguration in 1933, turning a simple meal into a historical visit. Ahead of its time, the couple introduced a perfect combination of ingredients that turned their pasteis, croquettes, and sandwiches into legends, evidenced in articles from newspapers of national and international prestige.

During your stay with us, we want you to have an amazing experience in a singular atmosphere, full of unique dishes elaborated with traditional ingredients, which have been constantly renewed
by our chefs for more than half a century. We also hope that, at the end of your experience with us, you feel completely satisfied with our service and real food, a combination that made Hocca a real consumption addiction that attracts people from all over the world.

Born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Horácio
Gabriel signs Hocca’s menu. He holds a university degree, and has several publications, including an edited recipe book. The chef studied with top
quality professionals and teams, and he had the privilege of training with Hocca’s founders.

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