three-day-rule-inceleme visitors
three-day-rule-inceleme visitors

Korra's mothers is compassionate and you will comprehension of their child, and you may she seemingly have a beneficial reference to him or her

Desna and you may Eska , has a mutual lowest view of Korra, even after their condition because Avatar. They appear upon their to be in the Southern Drinking water Tribe, and you may Korra therefore finds out these to be unpleasant, weird, and you can "smell of a good grandma's attic". [1] The connection among them worse into the [2] Pursuing the apocalyptic battle up against Unalaq, that has merged with Vaatu to become the Ebony Avatar, they certainly were grateful you to Korra beaten its dad, ending up to your a great conditions. [3]

Tonraq and you will Senna [ ]

They receive she is the new Avatar whenever Korra began fire at just couple of years old. They certainly were supporting of its young girl, enough thus to allow this lady go to Republic City and you can go after this lady fate. Korra bade the woman mothers farewell in advance of she embarked on her voyage towards the urban area. [4] Immediately after Korra lost the majority of her flexing abilities to Senna anxiously anticipated alongside its daughter's friends to see if [5]

Korra's relationship with the woman father sustained stress whenever, within South Drinking water Tribe material . It decision merely subsequent pretty sure the newest Avatar experience [6] Korra, distressed that this lady father hadn't let her live her own lives, acted colder so you're able to him toward go the newest Southern area Pole. These ideas simply worse whenever Tonraq told her which he are banished throughout the North Liquid Group to possess damaging a heart forest so that you can defend against an enthusiastic [7]


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